Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Access PC with the help of Android or Blackberry device

If you want to operate your PC with the help of Android then it is also possible. You can use your PC on your Android device without any help of wires. It is a remote technique in which PC works as a Server and android device works as a Client. All you need to do is to install a small application on your PC as well as android device.


1. PC and Android device both should be connected with the same WiFi network.
2. Private network settings of Windows Firewall should be Turn Off.

If you do not have WiFi network and have Ethernet connection then you can make your system WiFi. You can refer this link to make your System WiFi with Ethernet connection.

Steps 1> First of all you need to install application. You can download application for Android or blackberry device from here and application for PC can be downloaded from here


Step 2> Open the remote control server application from your PC. You can see one Advanced- Remote Control Server window will open with IP address.

If you can not see Advanced- Remote Control Server window then go to the Settings then click on Connect tab. Here you will see the same window with IP address.

Android/Blackberry Device

Step 3> Open the remote control server application from your Android or Blackberry device. Click on Server. Type the Name of your PC and IP address which is displays in Advanced- Remote Control Server window and click Scan. It will take about 30 seconds to connect, depends on your network connection speed.

Unlock the Code

If you are using Trial version then you need to unlock the code. You can get the code to unlock from here.
Get the unlock code and go to the Upgrade of your Android/Blackberry device app. Scroll down the screen and type the Unlock code in Activate a code text field then click on Activate. This will allow you to use all the features. 

Step 4> Now click on the Remotes and select Live screen. Here you can see your PC's screen on your Android/Blackberry device. Now you can use your PC on your Android or Blackberry device.


You can have all the access of your PC on your Device such as you do not need to get up to shut down or standby your PC, you can use keyboard and mouse of your device to access your PC, you can use internet, can perform read and write task, can listen music, can see power point presentations and many more features.

Click on Remotes from your android app to see features.

1. Mouse
You can control Your PC's mouse cursor on your android/blackberry devices.

2. Keyboard
When you type on your Software keyboard, the words will magically appears on your PC. It works as a WiFi Keyboard.

3. Live Screen Features
You can see the PC's screen on your android or blackberry device.

4. Scrolling
Easily scroll through never ending websites like Facebook.

5. Media
You can use your media player directly on your device. 

6. Slideshow
Control the Powerpoint presentations.  

7. Speech
Say what you want to type and it will be sent to your PC.

8. Shortcuts
You can access most Important shortcuts like shutdown and standby with just one click.

Please comment for any queries. 

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