Thursday, July 31, 2014

Earn from Photos

Are you fond of capturing photos? If you are good at photography and can take nice click which are exclusive then you can also earn from your photos. You need to sign up an account on photo sharing websites and can earn money through sponsorship or direct selling. You can use Instagram or iStock websites. iStock sells the photos and provide you royalty. It is very easy to make an account on this website. It will take very less time to add your photographs to the selling stack. It accept only the photos which are larger than 1600 x 1200. You can upload photos on variety of subjects like social issues, foods and beverages, holiday and seasonal themes, science, visual metaphors etc. 

Step 1> Open this webpage-

Step 2> You need to fill up your details or sign-up to join community.

Step 3> Now sign up as a contributor. 

Step 4> Go to the Participate then Contributor Lounge.

Step 5> It will ask you to become Contributor if you are not.

Step 6> Now it will move to the selling stock. There are three easy steps. In the first step you need to join community, in second step you need to apply as a contributor and in the third step submit the samples of your work. 

Step 7> First Join the community.

Step 8> After joining the community, click on Photos to apply as contributor.

Step 9> Now stock photography will give training manual which you need to read and know about all the constraints.

Step 10> Here you have to pass a quick quiz.

Step 11> When you will clear the quiz, you are asked to fill personal details. 

Step 12> Agree the terms and conditions and you need to upload an Id card as a proof. It can be passport, driving license or government issued photo id.

Now send the sample of your work. If your sample will get approve then you will get 15 % of royalty on every download. 

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Record Audio Mp3 via YouTube

Many times we only want to save audio mp3 files rather than the video like movie songs. We can watch and listen video on YouTube but cannot save it to see offline. There are some software which allows to save these videos but they are of very large size and slow down the system. So online web tools can be used to save mp3 of YouTube videos. Peggo is one of the web tool which can save audios without taking much time.

Step 1> Go to the url 
If you know the link of your favorite YouTube video then fill it in the box appeared on the screen and if you don’t know then search here then press enter, it will show you details. 

Step 2> If your details are correct then press Record Mp3. 

Step 3> Now it will start to convert and your Mp3 will be saved. 

Now you can save it to the CD/DVD or Pen drive and can use it as offline. 

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Snooze Gmail Messages

If you use your Gmail account for both personal and official use then it will be helpful for you. Do you want your personal messages will not appear in your inbox at office time and it will again appear in your inbox after office time? Or you will not see official mails at home and it will again appear after morning 9 o’clock in your inbox? You can use snooze facility for Gmail mails. Google Chrome web browser provides you the facility to not see particular messages for your desired time and also unread messages will again appeared in your Gmail account after the set time. This facility is very easy to use just for one click.

Step 1> Firstly, open the link- on your Google Chrome web browser.

Step 2> Here, it will ask to install streak for Gmail.

Step 3> When you will click to download, it will ask to add to your Google Chrome. Click on Add button to add it.

Step 4> It will install as Google Chrome Extension in your system. You will get a message that “Streak for Gmail has been added to chrome”.

Step 5> Now Log-in your Gmail account. It will ask permission so that you can access streak with your Gmail account.
It will start to display in your Gmail account when you will give permission to access.

Step 6> Now select the mail which you want to snooze and click on the snooze button placed just next to the Delete button. Now you can set the date and time accordingly.

Here, you can set the time for any mails that you want to be appear in your Gmail account and can also set the time for particular mails which you don’t want to see in your account.

How to Delete Streak from the Google Chrome-

Step 1> Type chrome://extensions in the Google Chrome Address Bar.

Step 2> Here, you can block it or if you want you can delete it also.

Step 3> It will ask permission to remove it from the Gmail. Select Remove to remove it.

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Solve Write Protection Problem in USB Flash Drives

Sometimes we cannot access our USB Flash Drives due to Write Protection Error. We cannot create a new folder, delete, format, copy or tries to modify the contents when Write Protection Error occurs.

It can be removed from the following steps-

Step 1> Open Run window from Start Button or you can directly run by pressing Window+r key from the keyboard.

Step 2> Type regedit in the Open text box and press enter.

Step 3> Go to the directory

Step 4> Select StorageDevicePolicies if it is there. If it is not there then refer from step 7.

Step 5> Under Registry Editor, select WriteProtect

Step 6> Change the Value data from 1 to 0 and click ok.

Step 7> If you are not finding StorageDevicePolicies then go to the Control again. Right click on Control/New/Key

Step 8> Now, rename this New Key #1 folder to StorageDevicePolicies

Step 9> Right click on StorageDevicePolicies and select New/DWORD (32-bit) Value for 32-bit System and select New/QWORD (64-bit) Value for 64-bit System.

Step 10> Now Rename New Value #1 to WriteProtect under Registry Editor.

Step 11> Double click on WriteProtect and change the Value data from 1 to 0 and click OK.

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Easiest Way to Delete an Operating System among Two or More

First of all, if you do not know which hard disk drive is having which operating system, then you can get it from here-
Step 1> Go to the Control Panel and select Administrative Tools.

Step 2> Select System Configuration.

Step 3> Now in the System Configuration Window, go to the Boot tab, you can see all the Operating System with their corresponding hard disk drive.

Delete Operating System-

Step 1> Go to the My Computer.
Step 2> Right click on the hard disk drive which is having Operating System that you want to delete and select Format.

Step 3> Check box the Quick Format and then click on Start.

Step 4> Now, go to the Control Panel and select Administrative Tools.

Step 5> Select System Configuration.

Step 6> In the Boot tab.

Step 7> Select the hard disk drive which you have formatted before and click on Delete.

Here, you can also set Default Operating System and the time out of Operating Systems which appears on the screen at booting time. 

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cool ways to take mobile phone backup


You can take backup of contacts, messages, events, notes and calendar entries with the help of phone copy and can sync with all devices. It is a cross platform service and provide unlimited backup. It offers Apps for all smartphones and also provide facility to store data on Cloud. It also works well with the feature phone which supports synchronization on data connection. Go through to synced contacts and edit them. It works well with Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Symbian, Mac OS X and Windows phones. It is a free app and can access anytime from anywhere. 

inDefend Backup-

To Access the backup data, go to and download desktop agent. It can backup your text message, phonebook, call logs, calendar entries, internet history, bookmarks and settings on its online server. It also encrypts the backed up data on cloud to make data confidential and secure. It supports Android 2.0 and above.    

CopyTrans contacts- 

It is available for the windows features. It is a free software which provide facilities to take contacts backup for iPhone/ iPod touch or iPad. You can also export backup contacts to gmail, outlook or iCloud. You can download it from here- It can also import playlists, artwork and ratings into iTunes. It can transfer iPhone, iPod touch, iPod, videos, ringtones, apps and music to iTunes. It can also import iPhone videos, ringtones, movies, TV shows to their iTunes. 


It can be synchronized with all devices. You can set mobile app for automatic sync of data from WiFi connection. It provides free service. It also provides media import tools. Media files can be import from your computer into media hub with the help of media tool. It provides facilities of cloud storage of 500 Mb with cross platform mobile and desktop apps. You can go to to use these features. 


MobileGo provide backup solution to Android phones. With the help of contact manager, contacts can be transfer between Symbian, iOS and Android. Contacts can also export through outlook, windows address book or windows mail. You can download it from here- It also provides other features like speed booster for Android Phones. It automatically scan your Android device and clean the RAM with just one click. It provide high speed while playing games, easily manage files in SD card and phone’s memory. 

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Are You Using All the Features of Your Gadgets?

Increase Bandwidth in PC/Mac-

Do you know? You can increase 3 times the speed of internet by interconnecting your wired connection, your friend’s wireless connection and one USB data dongle. For this you need one small software dispatch. You can download it from Dispatch find out all the available connection on your PC and interconnect their bandwidths. Its paid pro version removes many advertisements and add so many other features. This application added features like application based settings, automatic startups and unlimited dispatch uptime etc. You can assign data caps for every connection so that it cannot cross already fixed data limit of ISP. MAC users use switch board to access these functions. You can take it from here- http://www.connectifyme/switchboard

Unlock hidden features in Canon DSLR-

In maximum digital DSLR, some features are either limited or locked from manufacturer. These features can be unlocked with the help of Custom Firmware. With this, you can add Pro level features in your entry level DSLR. Magic Lantern is a temporary Firmware which increases the features of the camera. You can download Custom Firmware from here- Copy it to the SD card root and start Firmware upgrade process from settings. Format SD card before start process. It will take some time to upgrade. Restart the camera after confirmation screen appears. Now you can see new settings in display. It sets all setting temporary.

Access PS3 Remotely- 

Sony PlayStation portable or PlayStation Vita can be used to access PS3 remotely. For this, connect both at same WiFi network and find Remote Play option from PS3 settings menu. Remote connection can be establish when both gets connected. Now you can also pair out of your home network. PSP or Vita have to be connected with a WiFi network in order to use it. Its minimum speed must be of 4 Mbps and home PS3 should be either switch on or on standby mode and home WiFi connection should be on. Now your PSP can remotely power on the PS3 and can access stored content from drive.  

Use Windows in Apple iPad-

iPad is a powerful device. You can use Windows features with the help of VNC App. First of all install VNC software like TightVNC in your computer system and also install free VNC app in your iPad. Your iPad will be connected with the computer when iPad and computer is connected to the same network. You can use it as a portable screen for your computer. Touch control will also there. You can also use your iPad as second display of your computer. For this you have to install Air Display App. You can also use storage of your computer if your iPad has limited storage. You can stream video on your PC with the help of Air Video.

Password Protection in Smart Phones-

Usually we forget to remember password after log-in on websites through smartphone. There is an application called PasswordBox that is needed to install in the smartphone. The password can store digitally in this App and log in on single tap. If you want you can also share your passwords with your friends. This app can also generate strong password with the help of Password Generator. This app can also be locked through master password. Personal information can also be saved in this application. It has auto lock feature also. It works well on Android, iPhone and iPad.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Delete Stubborn Files, Viruses, Software, Malware, Duplicate Files and Remove Files of Uninstalled Software

Delete Files-

In Laptops and PC, we fed up to delete some files so many times that cannot be deleted after so many tries. To delete such files, you can use software Unlocker. It makes easier to delete such files as it first unlock those files and then asked you to delete it. It also allow you to copy or rename a locked file. It can integrates into Explorer. It sends deleted files to the recycle bin so that you can restore those files if you have deleted by mistake. Its a small software of 2.9 MB so that you can easily install. It runs on the Windows both 32 and 64 bit.
  1. You can use this website to download software- 
  2. After Downloading the software go to the file which you want to remove and right click it. Explorer will open and select What is locking this file.
  3. Now LockHunter window will open. You can perform various operations here like Unlock, Delete, Copy, Rename etc.

Keep Eyes on Changes-

So many times viruses make changes in your computer system and because of this, important software stops to run properly. You can know the changes in system with the help of WinPatrol software. If your system takes time to start then WinPatrol can also fix this problem and help system to start in a normal time. It also protect your system from installation of unwanted toolbar. Software size is 900.54 KB. Use this website for download- It supports Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1, Vista and Windows 64 bit features. 

Delete Malware-

If you are having any Viruses, Malware, Spywares or any Security problems then you can use this tool. It will save the system in future to any kind of damage. If your system is badly affected with viruses then download this software at different computer and copy it into the Pen Drive and use it into your system. Run this software from the Pen Drive. You can download it from here- This software size is 16.5 MB. 

Search Duplicate Files

So many times we copy one file at more than one places and it waste memory. And many times we cannot find the right files among duplicates. Now you can search duplicate files with the help of Duplicate Files Searcher and compare among the files as it provides various file comparisons. You can select files manually and can keep your important file and delete other duplicate files. This software can be downloaded from here also- It can also search duplicate files from CD/ DVD/ USB devices etc. 

Find Updates- 

Companies provide updates and new versions of their software. Many times we are not notified about new updates. So can take help of Update Checker to find updates. It can be downloaded from here- The software size is only 258 KB. This software runs on Windows 98/ 2000/ XP/ 7/ 8/ Vista and ME. You need to first install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in order to install Update Checker. 

Remove Files of Uninstalled software-

If you want to remove any software from Windows, you can simply go to Control Panel and then ‘Add and Remove’ program and delete software from here. In this process, software can be deleted but some files related to software can’t deleted automatically. In this, Revo Uninstaller can help you a lot. It deleted all the files, folders and settings which are related to deleted software. It also interfere the software which runs on when we switch on the PC. You can also download this software from here- It is compatible with Windows XP, 7/ 8/ Vista and Windows Server.

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