Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Snooze Gmail Messages

If you use your Gmail account for both personal and official use then it will be helpful for you. Do you want your personal messages will not appear in your inbox at office time and it will again appear in your inbox after office time? Or you will not see official mails at home and it will again appear after morning 9 o’clock in your inbox? You can use snooze facility for Gmail mails. Google Chrome web browser provides you the facility to not see particular messages for your desired time and also unread messages will again appeared in your Gmail account after the set time. This facility is very easy to use just for one click.

Step 1> Firstly, open the link- on your Google Chrome web browser.

Step 2> Here, it will ask to install streak for Gmail.

Step 3> When you will click to download, it will ask to add to your Google Chrome. Click on Add button to add it.

Step 4> It will install as Google Chrome Extension in your system. You will get a message that “Streak for Gmail has been added to chrome”.

Step 5> Now Log-in your Gmail account. It will ask permission so that you can access streak with your Gmail account.
It will start to display in your Gmail account when you will give permission to access.

Step 6> Now select the mail which you want to snooze and click on the snooze button placed just next to the Delete button. Now you can set the date and time accordingly.

Here, you can set the time for any mails that you want to be appear in your Gmail account and can also set the time for particular mails which you don’t want to see in your account.

How to Delete Streak from the Google Chrome-

Step 1> Type chrome://extensions in the Google Chrome Address Bar.

Step 2> Here, you can block it or if you want you can delete it also.

Step 3> It will ask permission to remove it from the Gmail. Select Remove to remove it.

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