Saturday, July 26, 2014

Are You Using All the Features of Your Gadgets?

Increase Bandwidth in PC/Mac-

Do you know? You can increase 3 times the speed of internet by interconnecting your wired connection, your friend’s wireless connection and one USB data dongle. For this you need one small software dispatch. You can download it from Dispatch find out all the available connection on your PC and interconnect their bandwidths. Its paid pro version removes many advertisements and add so many other features. This application added features like application based settings, automatic startups and unlimited dispatch uptime etc. You can assign data caps for every connection so that it cannot cross already fixed data limit of ISP. MAC users use switch board to access these functions. You can take it from here- http://www.connectifyme/switchboard

Unlock hidden features in Canon DSLR-

In maximum digital DSLR, some features are either limited or locked from manufacturer. These features can be unlocked with the help of Custom Firmware. With this, you can add Pro level features in your entry level DSLR. Magic Lantern is a temporary Firmware which increases the features of the camera. You can download Custom Firmware from here- Copy it to the SD card root and start Firmware upgrade process from settings. Format SD card before start process. It will take some time to upgrade. Restart the camera after confirmation screen appears. Now you can see new settings in display. It sets all setting temporary.

Access PS3 Remotely- 

Sony PlayStation portable or PlayStation Vita can be used to access PS3 remotely. For this, connect both at same WiFi network and find Remote Play option from PS3 settings menu. Remote connection can be establish when both gets connected. Now you can also pair out of your home network. PSP or Vita have to be connected with a WiFi network in order to use it. Its minimum speed must be of 4 Mbps and home PS3 should be either switch on or on standby mode and home WiFi connection should be on. Now your PSP can remotely power on the PS3 and can access stored content from drive.  

Use Windows in Apple iPad-

iPad is a powerful device. You can use Windows features with the help of VNC App. First of all install VNC software like TightVNC in your computer system and also install free VNC app in your iPad. Your iPad will be connected with the computer when iPad and computer is connected to the same network. You can use it as a portable screen for your computer. Touch control will also there. You can also use your iPad as second display of your computer. For this you have to install Air Display App. You can also use storage of your computer if your iPad has limited storage. You can stream video on your PC with the help of Air Video.

Password Protection in Smart Phones-

Usually we forget to remember password after log-in on websites through smartphone. There is an application called PasswordBox that is needed to install in the smartphone. The password can store digitally in this App and log in on single tap. If you want you can also share your passwords with your friends. This app can also generate strong password with the help of Password Generator. This app can also be locked through master password. Personal information can also be saved in this application. It has auto lock feature also. It works well on Android, iPhone and iPad.

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