Sunday, July 20, 2014

Old Smartphones- New Utilization

Make Wireless Router

You can use your old phone as a portable router through Built-in WiFi Hot Spot feature. You just need to insert a 3G SIM card and choose a plan with efficient data limit. Keep your phone with you and connect all your devices (laptop/tablet/phone) to your old smartphone instead of using different SIM cards for different devices.

Make PC Remote

When you use wireless keyboard and mouse and sit at the distance from your PC, you can make your smartphone as a PC Remote. You only need to download Mobile Mouse Lite free App and Server Software from Smartphone and PC must be on the same WiFi network. You can use your smartphone as Keyboard, Mouse and Universal Remote through mobile mouse. iOS users can also use Touch Mouse App easily.

Gaming Device

You can use Emulation Software to run old games on available phone. There are lots of Emulator Apps which can be downloaded from Play Store. Nostalgia NES is excellent one. Its free and support many games. You need Game ROMs so that games can be play with Software Emulator App.

Media Player 

If your smartphone is having TV Out with the help of HDMI or MHL then you can make your phone as a Flash Based Media Player for your TV. Copy Movies and music into the high capacity memory card. Connect TV and Smartphone with the help of MHL or HDMI cable cable. Also connect your phone to Power outlet as battery will discharge gradually due to media play.

Data Backup

If memory card of your camera got full while taking photographs, then old smartphone can be helpful. You can transfer your photographs. 1 Micro SD card and USB Host Capability is needed to use your Android Smartphone for Data Backup. You can purchase 32 GB Micro SD card less than 1100 rs and one normal USB Host Cable is needed. It should have Micro USB at one end and full size female USB Port at another end. Insert Memory Card Reader in the phone and use File Explorer to transfer photos. You can also transfer photos through USB Flash Drive.

GPS Navigator 

Google Map and Navigation are free for Android Phones. You may use it while driving. You can also take maps from It has localized maps. There is no need to purchase GPS Navigator separately if you are having an old smartphone. If you want you can also mount your phone in your car. You need Car Windscreen or Dashboard Mount and 1 Generic Micro USB 12 volt Car Charger for your phone. You can use Car Dashboard App to make it easier.

Car Information

With the help of ODB-II port, you can use computer of your car to get related information. You need old android smartphone and App DashCommand and Kiwi Device. Plugin Kiwi into ODB-II port. Now smartphone starts to display real time information.

Test Apps

There are so many apps for Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows smartphones. So its not easy to find out which app is useful and which is not. New Apps can be tested in old phones. So that you can save new smartphones from bloatwares. You can also test Custom ROMs in old phones.

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